Fill out submission form and sign/date. You may submit the form electronically or include it with your package.

Package your cards safely and mail them to highendcasebreaks office.

Once your package arrives, our team will send you a confirmation DM within 24 hours. The confirmation DM will include a photo of all the cards that came with shipment along with a copy of your submission form.

Your cards will be reviewed and prepped within 72 hours. Should we see any significant issues during the review process, we will DM you advising of such issue and a conversation will ensue as to whether or not you still want the card prepped and subbed for grading. Should any card not fit the criteria of being prepped or subbed, we will set it aside for you until you request them to be shipped back. Set aside cards will not have any fees.

Once your cards are prepped, the billing team will send you an invoice which will include the upfront prep fees and PSA grading fees based off your service levels. Payment is to be expected within 24 hours.

Your cards will be dropped off at PSA within 24 hours from when they are invoiced.

Once your order is complete, they will be picked up the same day from PSA. Your cards will first be shown in the live PSA reveals that we do 3-5 times a week on instagram. If you are not there to witness the live reveal, you will be provided pics of your results the following day.

Any PSA up-charges will be billed to customer once their order is complete. Customer will be responsible for shipping fees as well. Cards will be shipped back once all fees above are paid. Any set aside cards will be automatically included with shipment back to customer.

Customer may from time to time ask status of their order and we will typically respond same day or within 24 hours at the latest.